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01. 07. 2020 - By Nirvana Fitness
Based on years of research, Nirvana® Body & Mind system includes a number of super efficient elements that combine into the most relaxing & mindful flow of uplifting music beat, simple to follow pilates/yoga toning exercises & rhythmic breathing to detox the body & experience the blissful state of Nirvana. Join the global tribe, become a Nirvana instructor!


Nirvana® has a triple effect of shaping and toning your body while relaxing both body and mind at the same time. It's the ultimate body and mind workout and it is accessible to all.


Nirvana® is turnkey prechoreographed program that will allow you to start working quickly after your certification.

Nirvana® is surfing on the current trend of taking care of both the body and the mind in the same proportions. 

It is the perfect workout to start working with new markets as well, from Fitness centers, yoga studios, companies, corporate fitness, SPAs, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools and universities ... and the list could go on ... It is easy to implement, allowing you not only to offer something fresh to your existing clients but also to tap into new markets.

Nirvana® instructors are together on a mission ... to make the world breathe better. 

More about Nirvana mission statement here.


To become a Nirvana instructor, you need to join one of our trainings. There are 2 possibilities:

- You join an online training, and follow the step by step process until your certification (skype call with an expert). (Learn more about this option)

- You start online with some step by step process and then you join a Nirvana Education Specialist for a one day onsite training, where you complete your certification. (check the list of the onsite trainings coming up)

In average, Nirvana instructor training is estimated to 80 hours that you can follow at your own pace. No pressure !


First of all, when accessing the training, you will gain access to the instructor manual along with many videos (theoretical and practical) that will shape you into a Nirvana instructor.

Upon certification, you will receive your very own instructor certificate, valid for life!

By joining the Nirvana instructor network, you will become a licensed instructor.
Your license will allow you to legally work with the brand, receive your choreos and soundscapes, access all your training materials as well as the marketing materials and much more.

When choosing your license, you have two options:

1. Start with the yearly license. You will receive the first 4 choreos and matching soundscapes. You will have to renew your license after the first year.

2. Get the lifetime license from the get go. No more fuss of prolonging, no worries... You are in for the long run and you will receive the 20 choreos and soundscapes from the begining! Easy and economical!

Being a licensed instructor, you will have access to plenty of useful tools to help you promote your classes ... You will have your own personalized Nirvana webpage where you can list your classes, plenty of marketing materials, from printables to online documents...

Once an instructor, you will have easy access to Nirvana Partner Network, Nirvana workshop materials (provided for free to all our instructors), and you will receive a discount on Nirvana webshop!



Mansi Dey
„Why NirvanaFitness??? Here's the answer ... It's been 2 years journey with Nirvana Fitness as a Nirvana instructor and I would like to thank NirvanaFitness for making me a stronger and a healthier person not only physically but mentally too. It has helped me in curing my post viral arthritis, improving my strength, stamina and flexibility. Made me much more calmer and a positive person."

Neha Saxena Bagga
„NirvanaFitness® Is the best thing that could have happened to me in this lifetime. I am blessed to be part of this beautiful program and to spread the awareness all around. NirvanaFitness® Is just not any other fitness program, it's a lifestyle which everyone should inculcate to keep their mind and body healthy, active and rejuvenated! NirvanaFitness® IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR!"

Magda Franceschino
„It's a truly innovative fitness program. You learn to control your breathing with beneficial effects on our health and effective at fighting daily stress. I recommend you try it."

You don't have enough? Read more testimonials here ...

So don't hesitate anymore and join us on our mission!

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