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My experience with Nirvana in Argentina, by Marcela Travaini

15. 02. 2021 - By Nirvana Fitness
"A year and a half ago, I found out about NirvanaFitness® on LinkedIn, I had never heard of it before despite several years in the fitness world.

When I started to find out what it was about, I felt that it came as a blessing since after 20 years giving Pilates and other conscious breathing workshops, I needed to refresh my activities, and it came just right with Nirvana.

I felt that it was designed with a perfect combination of conscious work, fluidity of the movements, pauses and intensity in the physical work, all this wrapped in the framework of extraordinary soundscapes.
It was also adapted to all physical levels and that was a huge added value to be able to include everybody in my classes.

The fact that the videos were only available in English could have been a barrier for me, considering my level, but I did not take it as a conditioning, I wanted to also improve myself with the language and jump that barrier.

I took it day by day. I was training little by little but without any pause, until the day came in August 2019, that I gave my first Nirvana class, and it was very positive ... The students felt the message of Nirvana behind each movement and after a while most of them continued to practice it.

I had the privilege last February to participate in Nirvana Summit in India with the co-creator of Nirvana® Katja Zupan, and there I really finished incorporating Nirvana® as a way of life.
To not only enjoy it as a human being but with the firm conviction and mission of expanding it in Argentina, and other Spanish speaking countries !!!

The 7 NIRVANA intentions (I am breathing, I'm here and now, I feel love, I feel gratitude, I feel joy, I feel peace) are integrated deep in my cells and in my life and it is my goal to spread it to thousands and thousands of beings more!

I then started to present Nirvana® breathing workshops.

Because I know that love handles only one language, because I know that the power of intention can do everything!


Marcela Travaini
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