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NIN Helena Cesar: Nirvana Golden girls - age is not a limit

09. 07. 2020 - By Nirvana Fitness
Helena is one of our dear instructor from Slovenia. She has been working with NirvanaFitness for some time now and among others is teaching to a very special group of thrird age ladies, who happen to LOVE Nirvana. They sent us their testimonials about Nirvana classes and its benefits... so with no further introduction, let's dive into it!  

"For the third year, I am seeing women from the third age group, which borders on the fourth and we are practicing NirvanaFitness together. They are wonderful joyful women because their spirit is youthful and they are my role models! I reiterate to the younger participants (in other groups) how important regular NirvanaFitness workouts are, as it is the best investment for a healthy and active older age!"

Helena Cesar, Nirvana instructor in Slovenia.

It’s best for the girls to tell themselves what their experience with NirvanaFitness has been. Adela, one of the participants, gathered their thoughts and impressions:

"Regular physical activity has a great effect on physical fitness, well-being, psychophysical activity, protects against most chronic diseases, maintains adequate body weight, strengthens the immune system, improves life satisfaction, maintains healthy bones and muscle mass."

"I take advantage of the opportunities to exercise. This has always been a lifestyle for me - a routine I love that benefits me. Until now, this method has paid off many times in my health and well-being."

"Walking is the most popular movement, but growing older this can pose some challenges: joints wear out, injuries occurred, you need to avoid strong sunshine and other weather conditions. Despite my love of movement, I came to a point of life when I faced these limitations so it is important to find alternative movement modalities."

"NirvanaFitness movements are supported by breath, focused on the powercenter that I am constantly strengthening. Concentration on exercise, coordination ofmovements, seems easy, slow, but you have to be very focused on every exercise, every movement, every breath." 

"Rare are the individuals who can exercise at home. We are social creatures and working in a group is easier, comparative and more fun. Personally, I really like to belong to a group.
The group also leads to friendly relationships that can stay for a long time and make our lives more beautiful. This may also have therapeutic effects."

"I visit NirvanaFitness classes once a week. Helena is an amazing Instructor. She sees us as we feel ourselves. Full of optimism, goodwill, with a wide smile and a warm hug. An expert who sees our every move, hears every word, hears every breath and reads our thoughts. This prepares us to do our best and make conscious movements we never dreamed of ever doing."

"I find that with her help and careful guidance with music, our path is easier and more beautiful, our moves more youthful, we are more relaxed, smiling and focused on ourselves. It connects our mind and body, connects us all. Her words are not empty promises. She supports us, makes our day better, looks forward to our smallest successes and being with us.
For the third year, I am part of a group that gathers once a week for NirvanaFitness classes led by Helena. I am happy and grateful to be able to attend these workout. Helena comes always smiling, full of energy and good mood which is quickly passed on all of us. We perform each Nirvana sequence with positive thoughts and a smile on our face. I found them difficult at first but I saw we were doing better each week and now we are really enjoying them. With Helena’s help, I realized that my body actually had no boundaries, that it knew nothing about age and various problems, that it was relaxed after the workout. My body supports my thinking and my spiritual world."

A huge thank you to Helena and her students Adela, Anica, Danica, Darinka, Eva, Jana, Jožica, Majda, Majda A., Marinka, Marinka P., Rozi,Tatjana, Tereza, Tončka, Tončka S. - from Slovenia.

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