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Nirvana® is catching upon children: The generation to come

01. 07. 2019 - By Nirvana Fitness
The quality of life of the little ones depends on their physical, mental & emotional well being. We have prepared this generation for the challenges of life, giving them quality education, sports amenities, healthy food, travel, extra coaching to help them in their careers. But, we still need to teach them early in life that they can live STRESS FREE. We need to show them how to connect with themselves to be emotionally strong individuals. All this comes with a calm and relaxed state of mind. 

Adults tend to think they are the only ones feeling stressed. Well, the testimonials of the kids who participated in my recent Nirvana® Summer Classes for Kids reveal that they too feel stress & pressure at home and at school sometimes. It was startling to learn that they cannot share this even with their closed ones. This leaves them angry, irritated and wanting to be left alone. They agree in unison they do not like to be in this state of mind and would like to seek help from their parents.

During our Nirvana® sessions, while taking the intention "I am Breathing", the kids started to be aware of their changing breathing pattern. They realized that when they are in a hurry for school, during exams, when they need to respect deadlines of assignments, when they are angry or sad ... their breathing pattern changes. They observed after few sessions of Nirvana® that if they change their fast breathing, their mood changes and they have better control over themselves and the situation. Breath activation could calm them down instantly.

After repeated sessions of Nirvana®, fidgety children, showing symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and that may have seemed uninterested in Nirvana® in the beginning, could relax their body and mind thanks to Nirvana® theta-waves music and breath activation. Kids who used to move all around and had difficulties sitting quietly and focus could now stay still and enjoy Nirvana®.  One commented with a smile: "I don't feel like being naughty and moving around during Nirvana®."

Nirvana® classes for kids can be made interactive by adding few activities based on Nirvana's seven intentions.

"I am Breathing"
Blow balloons to explain how lungs expand & contract, draw waves of normal breathing vs breath activation.

"I am Tuki" 
Mandala art work /games requiring high attention to make them understand how to be in the present moment and focus without being distracted.

"I feel Love" 
Acceptance of self identity, give positive commands to oneself.

"I feel Grateful"
Make a jar called "Gratitude box" on what you feel grateful about (parents/food/money/school/brother/sister were some of the things kids wrote)

"I am Powerful" 
Game: complete the sentence starting
"I am Powerful because I can ..."
"I am Powerful because I am ..."
"I am Powerful because I am learning to ..."
"I am Powerful because I believe that ..."

"I feel Joy" 
Write what makes them most joyful & express themselves on what they wish to do along with their parents/siblings/friends.

"I feel Peace" 
Mindful activity of jar of water & settling sand to explain how mind&body works during meditation/relaxation and makes them peaceful.

Article written by Preethi 

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