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Teenagers can breathe easy with Nirvana®

27. 05. 2019 - By Nirvana Fitness
In life, there are certain universal truths about growing up that are felt by nearly everyone… childhood doesn’t last long enough, parents don’t understand, and the teenage years are tough. Studies show that modern teenagers, on average, stress just as much as adults. Today’s teenager must deal with all the known stress factors such as grades, peer pressure, and hormonal changes, but now with some extras. Technology and the internet have added social media anxiety, cyber bullying, and privacy concerns into the boiling pot of insecurity and uncertainty that characterizes a teenage life. A modern teen’s life can be plagued by all kinds of issues. This causes a number of health concerns and can set up negative stress-reaction patterns that can last well into adulthood. So what can we do about it? What can help ease the stress of teenage life? How can we handle ourselves differently to produce healthier results?


It seems that a good place to start looking is in how stress is handled. You’re not going to stop school from being hard, friends from being complicated or people from being mean, but what we can take a look at is how people react to these things. Modern research shows the positive benefits of controlled breathing techniques and how these can impact the mind and body. By pausing and intentionally breathing at the appropriate moments, a person can significantly lower blood pressure, decrease stress, and take control of their emotions. All of these factors and more are plenty of reasons for teenagers to explore this kind of mindful practice. Nirvana® provides us with an effective means to hone in on our breath and move into a Flow state. Any teen that gets a grasp on the techniques found in this program will be better equipped to deal with stress and the challenges of growing into adulthood. Finding a nearby Nirvana® class may also be helpful to your teen’s success. For our tech savvy teens, there’s also the option of using the Cloud#7 app or even Nirvana’s DeepSleep app to monitor and help build healthy daily routines. Thanks to Nirvana®, teenagers can be better equipped to face life’s challenges and breathe easy no matter what comes their way.

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