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Fun Family Fitness Workshop with NIN Yukti Raj

03. 06. 2019 - By Nirvana Fitness
"Together is our favorite place to be."

Here, I share how I got inspired, learnt, ideated, experimented, promoted and finally executed the concept- "Fun Family Fitness with Nirvana®”. Conducting this workshop was so fulfilling to me that I felt immense gratitude. I learnt about different perspectives which made my experience and journey with Nirvana® richer.

So read on my story …

Hubby going to gym, kids going to their respective badminton class and taekwondo class and me immersed into walking/jogging and NirvanaFitness®, I realized that we all are into various forms of fitness at different time and places and I felt a deep urge to bond over fitness with family, where as a family we can do some body & breathe workout, challenge & trust, laugh & giggle, bond & cherish the time together.


Another instant that surprised me and made me ponder over family fitness was when my 7 year old son asked me to run a Nirvana® session for our family. Doing Nirvana with my family was another surreal experience to me.

I shared my story with many friends of mine and they did felt the same way. Thus with their support and encouragement, I conceptualized the 2 Day Workshop "Fun Family Fitness with Nirvana®".

I started making note of all the small elements that were essential to make this workshop a big success. I put myself in their shoes and with a small survey, I gathered enough information to conceive the workshop schedule. I wanted families to experience fun with fitness and what better way but to start with my own family. I did lots of experiments and took suggestions from my kids and hubby. Finally, even for promotional posts I did a photo shoot with my family. It was fun and gave me a lot of confidence.

Finally the most awaited day arrived.

Day 1 started with welcoming the families to experience the NirvanaFitness® journey. The ice breaker round made them comfortable to get going.

Intentions work on the subconscious level of mind and have a powerful impact. It’s like feeding your mind. Thus intentions influence your actual experiences. I put a lot of focus on the 7 intentions and built few fun fitness activities around them so the participants could truly think about each of them and adapt them in their daily life. Each family was asked to choose their intention and were assigned a task to discuss the intention at home among them and share their thoughts/story about it on Day 2.

Breathing is the only bodily rhythm that we can consciously control and is the gate way to release all stress, anxiety and experience deep rejuvenation. Thus the participants were introduced to the correct way of breathing. They were also guided about why breathing is so important.

Next, some group exercises and fitness challenges brought the families together over fitness and lots of laughs and giggles happened.


Families bonded over Nirvana® choreography with soulful music and experienced the deep relaxation and rejuvenation.


Day 2 was an extension of Day 1 where families further bonded over NirvanaFitness® and shared their thoughts about intentions.

In fact, it was an eye opener for me. I realized that we as adults really need to keep a child alive in us. While discussing intentions, I asked a kid, "When do you feel joyful?” The answer was simple but so awakening for me. She replied, "When I play.”

Similarly another kid mentioned, "I feel peaceful while sleeping.”…

Since the final exams were just over, a 14 year old kid shared that he experienced deep relaxation during this 2 day workshop after exams.

Another couple loved the concept of family fitness with Nirvana® and enjoyed the session thoroughly.

The session ended on very joyful note with a group pic as a memory to cherish with intentions of being peaceful, happy and grateful and of course a glass of juice to share..!


Here are some of the feedbacks from the workshop.

"It was very refreshing both the days and I had lots of fun. It was great time to start our day."

"It was a great start for the weekends... I felt like I am in my own world. I feel very relaxed. I felt free to do whatever I want. I liked the workshop very much."

"It was a great session with lot of fun activities. Both the days were equally enjoyable. After every session, I felt relaxed and energetic. I liked the screen time posture idea."

"I get energized for whole day. It brings positive thinking of mind and I feel much lighter & refreshed than before."

Be joyful, Be peaceful and stay tuki…!

Article written by Yukti Raj Kishore (Nirvana Fitness Instructor & Ambassador, Bangalore India)

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