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Nirvana® Asia Summit 2018

06. 05. 2019 - By Nirvana Fitness
Nirvana® Asia Summit 2018 was held in November at Kokol Haven Sabah, Malaysia.We had participants from Nepal, India, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines that came this year.

Kokol Haven, was a perfect location for this Nirvana® Summit with amazing mountain breeze, sunrise, sunset and clouds. Our Nirvana® Family couldn’t get enough of the beautiful connection with nature and appreciated every breath while admiring the beauty of Malaysia Nature.

Nirvana® Family members started coming in from 21st. Some of them were already participating in the previous Nirvana® Asia Summit but we also had some new faces this year. It was a joyous moment for all of us to meet some of our members whom we were connected with via social media but seeing them for the first time was a moment to witness. It seemed like we all knew each other since a long time.

Thursday 22nd evening was a meet and greet session over dinner and ice breaker to bring everyone together and create the 7 tribes, named after Nirvana's 7 intentions. Each tribe was given duties like creating centerpieces. This gave each tribe an opportunity to get to know their team members better as they all came from different countries.

Both Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th were fully packed days. Early in the morning on both days, they all had the opportunity to experience Cloud#7 Trigger exercises, breath walk , deep breathing and a short Nirvana Session with Choreo 12.

Oliwia, our marketing head presented important online and offline tools to the participants. The shorter version of the Breathe right - Live long Workshop was also presented so they had a feel of it. Practical elements with regards to correction methods, cueing, demonstration, posture were also presented to the participants, followed by a pratical session to correct their technique. The outdoor sunset session on the 24th was the cherry on Nirvana cake.

The treat for all at the Summit was the Gala Dinner (great food with Traditional Sabahan Music and Dance). Our NINs got a chance to try the bamboo dance. NES Theresa was the Emcee for the night. We welcomed 3 new State Ambassadors Irene & Reen from Malaysia and Jyothika from India. Our New NES from Nepal, Rosy received her NES certificate. Then came the food! There was also a live gastronomical demonstration of local cuisine by the Chef.

Then, we all gathered to express love and gratitude. Sometimes it’s hard to meet and bond with everyone at an event where there are more people. There were team work with tribes but still it was not enough opportunities to really meet every one.
Breath connection in a circle gave an opportunity to our Nirvana® Family members to really meet each participant at the Summit to express their love and gratitude at soul level.
Each of them experienced the 7 intentions at this point through the same rhythm of BREATH, being TUKI to the person standing opposite to them through each heartbeat, expressing LOVE from their heart, GRATITUDE from their soul, being vulnerable yet POWERFUL with connection through their smiles, expressions and tears that flowed, coming from a place of JOY and when the hugs came in, there was a sense of PEACE.
It did not matter anymore which country they came from or which tribe they belonged to. All that mattered was that they felt connected with love.

On Sunday morning, everyone sat together to watch the beautiful video put together by HQ on our Summit. So much of happy energy was flowing in the room.

Then came the time for each tribe to present their 7 intentions in a creative way with a 2nd tagline.

1. I am breathing - "I feel Free, I feel Energized, I feel Peace, I feel Alive, I am Aware. The feel of life"
2. I am Tuki - "I am here. Now."
3. I feel love - "from the soul of every cell in my body"
4. I feel grateful - "I am thankful for every small little thing in the world"
5. I am Powerful - "Positively Powerful"
6. I feel joy - "I am joy. Joy is me."
7. I feel peace - "I feel peace in my heart, I feel peace in this universe"

And then came the saddest part, the final goodbyes. But all did have a smile as they knew deep inside that we will be reunited once again in 2020 for Nirvana® Global Summit!

Article written by NEX Meera Nair.

. . . . . . . A few words from the participants . . . . . . .

Irene, Malaysia - To be in this organizing committee for the Asia Summit 2018 was a bit intimidating for me in the initial stage. I was not sure if I would be able to deliver everything on time as I had my regular classes, my 9 to 5 job, my family ... But once I started to work under Meera’s guidance and leadership, I felt very comfortable and reassured. I really appreciate her upbeat kind of personality. Every time I called her or texted her during the process, I felt calm as she made it easy on me. This whole experience with the summit has changed my life for the better. Especially the positive attitude and thinking, but also my time management have improved tremendously. I was able to do everything on time without any delay. It’s easy to say "Never Give Up” but motivating myself by proving to me that I can do it by taking actions - Actions speaks louder than words. I feel a sense of satisfaction after the event and feel so grateful that I could experience organizing this event with Meera. I learnt a lot! Thank you.
Evelyn, Malaysia - Dear HQ, I am Evelyn from Malaysia. Thank you for having me in the Nirvana Asia Summit 2018. There is no regret in joining the second time of this Summit where I get to experience and explore more compare from last year. I felt powerful and refresh after the 4 days training, it also motivates me to share more Nirvana fitness breathing to the people surrounding me. Looking forward to the upcoming Nirvana instructor training to keep improving myself and do better for my students and the community. Thank you for everything. Be tuki.
Reen Radjawali, Malaysia- I am going to miss all the 38 hugs (minus Shane) from all the NINs.
Rosario Araneta, Philippines - It was worth the money I paid. I loved that my balcony was facing exactly East and that the sunrise view was of everything above the clouds. I enjoyed the Roti Canai every morning and the teh Tarik every moment I got. I loved how observant Oliwia was. She was listening to many suggestions and she knew her products very well.The overall feeling in the room was light, full of acceptance and openness.
Jenny Kee, Singapore - Nirvana Fitness now plays an important part in my life. It adds into my positive energy, when my mind and body are at peace. This makes me even want to share and spread to others who may be having downturns or tiredness in their lives.
Bhuvana Krishnan, India - Today’s morning yoga practice after a long time, revealed to me, I am now BHUVANA 2.0... NIRVANA has been playing a beautiful complementary role to YOGA without me even realizing it. I gratefully acknowledge, this is the best thing that has happened to me in the youth of my old age. Tuki and cheers!
Shia Lim, Singapore - Thank you a million times for all your effort. Nirvana Asia Summit 2018 at Sabah has extremely brought us joy, laughter, happiness, unconditional love, and compassion in breathing awareness to make us healthier. I feel so blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to attend the Summit. Thank you Meera, Oliwia from HQ, Irene&Team who organized the event and all participants who shared their fabulous experiences. Big hugs and love to all of you, Be Tuki.
Theresa, Malaysia - I find the Nirvana Summit is a place where all of us gather with good intentions, in showing support and motivation for each other. It feels nice to be in a circle of love and you never want it to end.
Jyothika, India - The 2018 Asia Summit was the second summit I participated in and it was just exhilarating. I not only learnt a lot but was super excited to meet the asia NIN family. 3 days of laughter, emotions, learning and bonding reassured me why I love NIRVANA.
Shuha, Malaysia- The Summit brought together people who truly love Nirvana Fitness. The experience I had with these people there was magical. It felt so good to practice Nirvana Fitness together in this united community. It's where beautiful hearts grow. Not only Nirvana is good for physical health but also it is an important factor to achieve wellness of the souls
Preethi, India - As I began this journey, a new light in my life, a new horizon I touched, a new door that opened to hugs, kisses, togetherness, positive energy, strong vibes, soul talking ... As I flew back, a Nirvana family by my side, a confident global woman I walked with a heart full of love, peace & ecstasy. Being Tuki ... In the Nirvana Moment my Heart still Feels the Joy. Love
Deepa, India - There was bonding amongst members with positive energy. Resort was relaxing place and could breathe in and relax mentally.
Jenny Loo, Singapore - I had lost touch in Nirvana due to both work & personal commitments ... what I had benefited from attending this summit was I am now reconnected and I feel so involved and motivated to spread Nirvana love and program. It was an amazing experience and no words can tell you exactly how I feel, it simply power! I love the openness and warm for all NINs, Oliwia and Meera... not forgetting katja and HQ staff for watching us from faraway and all the support they given to us. I look forward to our next Global Summit in Bangalore.
Meera Nair, Singapore - I had a great time co-presenting with Oliwia. We complimented each other. It was a wonderful partnership ☺

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