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Nirvana®, 14 months later ... Testimonial from Ellena Light

21. 10. 2019 - By Nirvana Fitness
" I came across Nirvana® accidentally. My neck had started hurting overnight during summer and I endured the pain for several weeks. When the pain was gone and summer drew to a close, I knew I had to look for a type of exercise different in purpose to my regular trail running and cycling adventures. I was looking for core strengthening type of exercise, at a location and time that I could conveniently fit into my schedule.

But Nirvana® sounded particularly interesting and their spiel on diaphragmatic breathing and moves-combination-flow-to-music got my attention. As I was reading up on the scientific evidence of their health and wellbeing benefits claims, I got determined to give NirvanaFitness® a go.

I signed up at a local fitness centre (a veritable strike of serendipity) and joined the first Nirvana® class of the autumn 2018 season on the very same day.

Everything I sign up for I intend to learn properly, with the goal of independent practice. Which is what I have achieved over a period of 7 months, in particular by also signing up for the Instructors’ Course and then working through all the didactic and know-how material at my own pace.

While I positively considered myself fit when I started practicing Nirvana®, and have been active all my life (dance, athletics, skiing, bodyweight training, trail running, cycling, hiking), I have found Nirvana® moves and choreographies challenging both physically and cognitively. I loved Nirvana® right away, though it has taken several months for me to fully (or should I say, better) appreciate the scope of NirvanaFitness® and its benefits. All my muscles and joints that had been injured and never properly healed in the past were initially claiming my attention; it also turned out I had stability issues, among other weaknesses.

But, I persisted with practice and the pain is but a faint memory now. I’ve acquired a lot of skill, but this requires reinforced practice, which the Nirvana® system also affords. I know from experience that alternating different types of exercise is key to reaping the many positives, among which my favourites are psychophysical resilience, improved mood and a healthier brain. The fabulous feeling of flow comes with progress. The Nirvana soundscapes are an important enjoyment factor for me; the choreographies are intelligent and varied, the workout is super effective, efficient and well rounded.

I feel transformed and decades younger again, and I mean it.

A particularly good aspect is that the system enables anyone to come along and join in without intimidation, to learn through practice in a warm and welcoming group setting, gain coordination skills, strength, stability and flexibility.

All without pumping, competing, screaming or shouting, in a dynamic yet grounding atmosphere.

I love the sense of calmness and being mentally alert afterwards, which is just what I needed and wanted.

To anyone searching for pathways to a sustainable lifestyle and wellbeing, I warmly recommend Nirvana® without any hesitation. "

Article written by Ellena Light
on 19 October 2019

Photo credits: Yoshie Ito, Lisa Peck

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