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Celebrating one year with Nirvana® - The story of Yukti

20. 04. 2020 - By Nirvana Fitness
Yukti is a Nirvana® Instructor and Ambassador from Bangalore, India. She is sharing with us her video testimonial from her first year anniversary as a Nirvana® instructor.

We are so grateful for this testimonial and we wish Yukti many more years with Nirvana®.

What an amazing journey ... Yukti says: "I could transform and grow myself on all physical, mental and spiritual levels. I could work on my energies to become a happier, calmer, stronger and more positive person. On the physical level, suddenly I could reduce my weight by 14kg. Powerful Nirvana breathing techniques helped me to build more strength and stamina to do 216 Suryanamaskar in less than an hour and even could run 10 K that was all beyond my imagination."

Yukti also wrote about this first year celebration:

"My journey with Nirvana® began on 3rd February 2019, when I got certified as a NirvanaFitness® instructor.
With so much of uncertainties and self doubts, as I was taking baby steps, I could sense the people and the whole universe around helping me and thriving me more and more to commit toward myself and the society in general.
I was able to grow and expand my horizon on all levels of fitness, discovering a NEW ME.
During this year I met so many personalities from various walks of life - kids, men, women, young and old to whom I could communicate the importance of breathing, encouraging them into a more holistic way to practice fitness.
Among the various workshops I conducted, Fun Family Fitness, Nirvana® with Nature and sustainable Weight Loss have been the closest to my heart.
I am thankful to my family, friends and mentors of the Nirvana® family, my students and each and every one who has been with me during this year.
I can remember each one of these persons and well wishers who made my year a successful and a memorable year to cherish.
It is said that, "Fitness is a journey not a destination." I continue mine and wish you to continue yours. Happy Fitness..! "

Here is the list of the events that Yukti participated to or successfully organized herself:
Fun family fitness workshop, Nirvana at inventure academyNirvana at Decathlon WhitefieldOne Day Outbound Program - Nirvana with Nature where the participants experienced Nirvana Fitness at sunset and next day during sunrise time. Sustainable weight loss and wellness workshop, Nirvana Breathe right-Live long workshop at India's Premium B School, XLRI, Jamshedpur, ISBR Business School, ISBR Law College. 

Yukti is a great inspiration for all of us and her students. She also shared this video that traces her first year as a Nirvana® instructor, including testimonials from her students ...

Connect with Yukti.
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