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16. 07. 2018 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
Last May was help the national summit of NirvanaFitness® in Italy. Organized by our National Coordinator Dr. Nicoletta Guidarini and hosted by Dr. Mariangela Giannuso in Sicily, this event was a true success for the Italian team.
16. 05. 2018 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
The way you breathe has a huge impact on your consciousness. When a person smokes, they are doing significant damage to the cellular structure of the lungs and impeding the process of proper air exchange. Read how Nirvana® technology, through proper breathing techniques, can help smokers and even restore some lung function. 
16. 04. 2018 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
This planet is alive! It grows, oscillates, and rotates according to a specific kind of unity. Within our being, we have the capability to come in to contact with this force through our breath. Nirvana® encourages us to be fully aware of the importance of breath and how that connects you to the planet.