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18. 05. 2020 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
In October, our instructors Jenny Kee and Jenny Loo, also Nirvana® Ambassadors and Mentors, led a charity Nirvana® class at the wellness sanctuary event in Singapore.

We are hereby sharing Jenny Kee's testimonial about this event ... 
20. 04. 2020 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
Yukti is a Nirvana® Instructor and Ambassador from Bangalore, India. She is sharing with us her video testimonial from her first year anniversary as a Nirvana® instructor. We are so grateful for this testimonial and we wish Yukti many more years with Nirvana®.
We are in a period of shift. A shift from movement to the mind. A shift from the outside to the inside. It's now that we really get into the Nirvana essence. The essence of slowing down. This shift is inevitable and we all are feeling it. Nirvana's 7 intentions are at the center of the workout and a beautiful way to gently go through this period. The world is going through a change and NIRVANA® is already that "change"... It is all that the situation is demanding, put together in the most scientific way possible. A complete package !!!