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The Nirvana® Breathing fitness system takes the best of exercise science and merges it with the wisdom of ancient cultures to create a revolutionary and life-changing approach to wellness.

In the wonderfully talented hands of Meera Nair, you can learn to change your life for the better one breath at a time.

Meera is one of the most experienced Nirvana® professionals, holding title of Nirvana Education Expert (NEX), one of the most important positions in the Nirvana Instructor Network, a global instructor community in over 40 countries.

Nirvana® has been a revolutionary practice for me. It completes my weekly workout.
I call it my RE-CHARGE workout. The simple movements, the peaceful Theta wave sounds and the increase of oxygen re-energizes me.

As a full time fitness instructor teaching many different fitness formats, Nirvana® allows me to take care of MYSELF. This is a workout that does not "wear me down”, but rather, "builds me up”.
15. 07. 2017 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
At the forefront of this global paradigm shift in exercise and wellness is master Nirvana education specialist Alice Freeman. Currently on a world tour delivering 4 masterclass events across 4 continents, Alice is spreading the message of the ground-breaking benefits of the Nirvana® Breathing fitness approach.

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