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16. 04. 2018 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
This planet is alive! It grows, oscillates, and rotates according to a specific kind of unity. Within our being, we have the capability to come in to contact with this force through our breath. Nirvana® encourages us to be fully aware of the importance of breath and how that connects you to the planet.
To maintain a good health, breathing properly is probably the most important and the easiest thing we can do. Let's learn more about oxygen and the technique to use to optimize our breathing pattern.
Setting the perfect atmosphere is crucial to bring one’s mind in a totally relaxed state of mind and centrepieces are the cherry on the cake in NirvanaFitness®. They should be beautiful and meaningful, a tribute one makes to Nirvana, a reflection of fascination and appreciation, two aspects so important for the Nirvana style of life.