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Yoshie Ito is one of our most incredible instructors; originally from Japan, she now teaches NirvanaFitness classes in the Sabah region of Malaysia. Creative, ambitious, and hard-working, Yoshie has been a Nirvana Instructor since July 2017 and has already undertaken NES training to become a certified NES in the very near future.
Nicoletta is one of our finest instructors; she has been working with Nirvana Fitness as a NES for two and a half years, and was the first NES to be educated in the Nirvana Academy. Discover her story...
16. 11. 2017 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
We are happy to announce another successful Breathing Awareness Tour organized by our NES from Malaysia, Theresa Lawrence and her NINs.
The tour, that gathered as much as 19 NINs and 324 participants from all over Malaysia, took place from 19th to 30th of October 2017.