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Did you know that the average student takes breathes in and out 23,000 in a single day? We hear you. You’re asking "That’s interesting but what’s the relevance of such a statistic?”

It’s important because of the powerful link between breathing, learning, memory and academic performance.

Unfortunately for the majority of students, the breaths they are taking are short, shallow and only recruiting the muscles of the upper chest.

Over the past years, psychologists and social scientists have been researching the effects that exercise can have on the mind, more specifically the way we think.

Many studies now indicate mental performance is inextricably linked to our physical training routines. Nowhere is this finding more relevant than in the workplace.   

Cardiovascular disease is an umbrellas term for a number of diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels. The disease is becoming more and more prevalent in our societies with figures from the World Health Organisation estimating that 17.5 Million individuals die each year from cardiovascular related diseases.

We know that excess stress places a huge strain on our hearts. Too much and we are likely to increase the chances of us suffering a premature heart attack. The Nirvana® Breathing fitness represents a wonderful complimentary treatment to reduce the risks associated with cardiovascular disease.